c# enums

  • enum is a value type, i.e. they are created on the stack
  • Default enum type is int.
    for example
    enum Test(yes,no);
    will create a int enum list
  • The value assigned to a instance of the enum is not limited to the named contants
    for example
    enum Test:int {t=9,y=8};
    Test t = (Test)10;
    will not throw any error and will print 10
  • enum Test:int{t=9};
    What will be the output of the above snippet?
    will it be “9” or “t”
  • enum Test:int { t=19, y=18 };
    int i = Test.t;
    What will be the output of the above program?
  • Difference between enum and a constant
    enum is strongly types than contant
    For example

    the function
    int PrintNoOfDays(int month)
    can be called as
    const int Jan = 1;
    const int Feb = 2; ….

    or the function can be declared as
     can be called as
    enum Month {Jan,Feb,….)
    int PrintNoOfDays(Month m)


    The second example is strongly typed

  • Enum under the covers
    When compiling an enum it is converted to struct enum Month {Jan,Feb,….)
    the above enum of months would be converted to
    struct Month : System.Enum
    public const int Jan = 1;
    public const int Feb = 2;

  • The following code will not give any error (there is a comma after the last enum list constant)public enum Test
    a = 1,
    b = 0,


  • What will be the output of
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